Internship Testimonials

Dr. Sanngeeta Macko


Dr. Sanngeeta Macko was born and raised in Miami, Florida where she attended Florida International University for her undergraduate degree in Biology. She attended the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine with an emphasis in Zoological Medicine. She has a special interest in marine animal medicine and has been involved with many rescue and rehabilitation efforts. In her spare time, Dr. Macko enjoys reading, writing and spending time with family. She is thrilled to be joining the amazing team at Animal Care Centers.

Dr. Jeanna May


Dr. Alyssa Myers



Name and how you heard about ACC?

Dr. Alyson Brown and I learned about ACC during a lunch lecture my senior year. I applied for and was accepted into the 2 year business internship program.


Can you tell us about your experiences with ACC in regards to mentorship, case responsibility, surgeries, etc?

My mentorship by senior veterinarians at ACC has been amazing. From day one we started with the basics such as wellness exams for puppies/kitties, vaccine protocols, ear infections, vomiting/diarrhea and continued building on from there. I have scheduled mentor hours pretty much weekly with a senior doctor where we discuss cases or work through my training book. At any point when I have a question on a case there are multiple doctors available to assist me. I am always scheduled with another doctor in the building so am never on my own without help. Surgically speaking, I have been provided many shelter pets to practice spays, neuters, mass removals and other procedures to gain speed and confidence with. With other surgical procedures that I do not have experience with I am first scheduled out to watch the surgery, the next time I may be scrubbed in for it and finally I am doing the procedure with another doctor scrubbed in or available for questions/assistance while doing the surgery. My caseload has been very high and I work up all my own cases. If I need advice or direction there is always a senior doctor to help me.


How do you think your experiences differ from your classmates that graduated at the same time?

The level of mentorship and support I have been provided by senior veterinarians has been far superior to most of my classmates that have also gone into private practice.  I have been exposed to much more surgically as well. Being able to learn from multiple doctors has helped increase my knowledge and show me multiple different ways to do things.


Is there anything that you would like to add for future seniors looking for a great internship experience?

I recommend that if they are looking for a place with great mentorship that they ask for specific details about the mentoring. Do they have a training book as I do? Are there scheduled rounds or mentor hours with senior doctors? Are they scheduled alone or with other doctors. This may help them determine if it is the type of mentorship they are looking for.  Some people want more or less than others so don’t  be afraid to look around until you find what is right for you.

You've made me into a strong, confident Veterinarian and I could never repay you for that!!

-Dr. Jessica Schuster