Grooming, Cincinnati OH
Perfect for itchy, dry, flaky skin.

Your pet will enjoy the ultimate in pampering with our Ultimate Spa Package
  • First, we massage your pet with Soothing Specialty Shampoo especially formulate for dry, itchy skin.

  • Then your pet's coat is drenched in remoisturizing conditioner and wrapped in a warm towel to help the moisturizers penetrate and replenish the coat's natural beauty and manageability.

  • We brush your pet's teeth with specially formulated pet toothpaste to improve the breath and increase circulation in the gums.

  • The coat is then thoroughly rinsed with warm water and finished with an aromatherapy finishing rinse in your choice of lavender, sweet orange, rose or tea tree oil.

  • Your pet is then fluff dried with a massaging flow of warm air, and thoroughly brushed to remove dead hair and tangles.

  • Our groomer will then complete a custom designed cut for your special friend, suited to the breed, coat and length which works best for your lifestyle.

  • The package will finish with bows or a bandanna and a treat.

(Puppies 6-20 weeks)


Just right for the first few grooms. Includes lots of love, individual attention and training. (Available only for pets under 5 months of age)

  • Your pet will be bathed with gentle, tearless shampoo specially formulated for your pets and their sensitive skin.

  • A warm water rinse will remove shampoo and dead skin and debris from the coat.

  • Your pet's coat will be fluff dried with a massaging flow of high-velocity air and thoroughly brushed to remove dead hair and small tangles.

  • Our groomer will trim the hair from around the eyes, between the pads of the feet, and around the potty areas. The nails will be trimmed and the ears will be cleaned (hair plucked, if needed.) The anal glands will also be expressed if necessary. The coat will be neatened and lightly trimmed to prepare your pet for the full grooming sessions that will become a natural part of their life.

  • The package will finish with bows or a bandanna and baby powdered scented cologne and a treat.

Grooming, Cincinnati OH